Geospatial Services

ATL is involved in consultancy services using State-of-art technologies such as Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS), Computer Aided Designing (CAD) and Global Positioning System (GPS).

Since 1992 offering high quality services  in the areas of

  • Remote sensing based mapping and monitoring for Natural Resources Management
  • Development of spatial database / information systems using GIS
  • Various aspects of environment and resource management studies – field surveys, laboratory analysis, in situ quality estimation of soil, water, and ambient air.
  • GPS/Total station used Civil engineering surveys
  • Urban Utility mapping and data base generation
  • Consultancy services for the preparation of Detailed project reports for Water supply, Sewerage & Sanitation, Storm water drainage &
  • Solid waste management in urban bodies
  • Socio-economic database analysis
Our Clients
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