Ananth Mechanical engineering department provides basic design and detailed engineering for static and rotating equipment as well as packaged systems.

CAD & CAE Services

CAD & CAE services include:

  • 3D Solid Modeling of components and large mechanical assemblies
  • Assembly check and interference studies
  • Motion simulation and mechanism analysis
  • Stress, deformation and modal analysis for dynamic behavior
  • Temperature distribution and Thermal Analysis
  • Design optimization for weight and cost reduction
  • Conversion of 2D sketches/drawings to 3D solid models and 2D engineering drawings and e-drawings
Structural Testing for Design Verification

Structural testing using strain gauges for components subjected to:

  • Static, dynamic, fatigue and impact loading
  • High temperature and low temperature
  • Under water and under high pressure
  • Residual stress measurements
  • In electrical and magnetic environment
  • Bolt load measurements
  • Measurement of shock load
  • Long term data recording and structural analysis
  • Practical Training for application of strain gauges and data recording
Transducer Design
  • Custom made transducer for load measurements
  • Transducers for alignments and load equalization in support structures
Measurements on Rotating Components
  • Structural analysis through telemetry instrumentation
  • Torque and power transmission measurements in propeller shaft
  • Measurements on turbine and fan blades
Rapid Prototyping
  • Design visualization and verification through rapid prototype models
  • Study of assembly problems and interference studies
  • Structural testing for design verification
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